Our first distillate Aromatic Spice took quite some
time to perfect. 2 years and 27 trails to be exact – only
apt we labeled the distillate No. 27

While Aromatic Spice contains a great number of
spices (too many to mention really) the three most significant spices that will take you on this complex journey are Saffron, Neroli and Galangal, all paying a
homage to her Indian roots

Non-Alcoholic Dark Spirit | Sugar Free | Low Calorie |
Vegan & Vegetarian | GMO Free | Gluten Free
Size: 70 c


” I love drinking VAN SHA because it’s sophisticated. It
doesn’t contain alcohol but has plenty of spirit, a good bite
and was founded by a woman. What’s not to like?” – Edine


“Your liquid can be drank neat on the rocks, in a long drink and an old fashioned – well done!” – Mr. Sipps