VAN SHA is a distilled non-alcoholic dark spirit with an aromatic blend of Saffron, Neroli & Galangal for complex hints of bittersweet citrus, warm spicy notes, and a long finish.

It took us more than 2 years and 27 attempts to perfect our complex and eclectic blend with exquisite spices of India; Saffron, Neroli & Galangal.

We start by carefully sourcing our spices after which they are individually extracted by using maceration and distilling. These beautiful extracts create our spice blend which is then perfected into our final blend Aromatic Spice. Finally we add water, filtrate and bottle.

VAN SHA is produced The Netherlands.

Taking inspiration from her own family’s history and roots, our founder wanted to capture the bold and exquisite flavours of India. As a family of farmers, Sharan’s family had been growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices for generations. She began experimenting with different ingredients in her mother’s kitchen, and then took off to the streets of India in search of traditional drinks. Scouring vibrant spice markets and exploring the rich Indian countryside, Sharan eventually found the magical ingredients she needed.

Global trade has ensured we can get the premium quality spices in more than just one place (thank god) and so while most of our spices do originate from and our found widely in India, so much so that they are recognised as spices of India, our sourcing team ensures to find the best quality. Wherever that may be.

Grain is the base for many spirits such as whisky, as is sugar cane for rum. VAN SHA uses spices as its base, and thus is macerated and distilled from spices.

VAN SHA is a distilled non-alcoholic dark spirit. Creating our spice blend required much more than just distilling and so we also use maceration for some of our ingredients that are too delicate to distil.

We do not de-alcoholise VAN SHA as we macerate and distil most of our spices on a base of water.

It is neither one of them. Why be an alternative and try and fit in a box when you can be a choice and break the mould? VAN SHA is a unique spirit in the world of non-alcoholic spirits,

it is not trying to be an alternative or imitate the taste of rum, whisky, or brandy. It does however have the layered and complex characteristics of typical dark spirit that have depth and length and so suitable for a lot of your dark spirit cocktails.

VAN SHA is a distilled non-alcoholic dark spirit.

All spirits fall into either white/clear spirits or dark spirit category. Like all spirits dark spirits starts out as clear spirits but gets its darker colour by ageing in barrels, fermentation or using extracts that come from processes like maceration. Often caramel is used to maintain a consistency of the spirits unique colour for each batch

The colour is derived from the maceration of our spices. VAN SHA is a spiced product, not aged. At the blending stage we do add caramel to stabilise the colour in order to ensure all our batches have the same colour. As is commonly done in the production of alcohol and non-alcoholic spirits

It takes about 4 weeks to macerate, distil, blend and filtrate the individual ingredients to create one batch of VAN SHA. A batch is about 5000 bottles of VAN SHA.

The VAN SHA Spice blend is an eclectic experience to say the least. The VAN SHA No.27 blend; Aromatic Spice is an aromatic spirit with Saffron, Neroli & Galangal, with a subtle fresh floral aroma, hints of bittersweet citrus and warm spicy notes. This is original recipe has a layered and complex taste and long finish.

We cannot give away the secret recipe but the most significant spices used are Saffron, Neroli and Galangal.

The ingredients are Water, Spice Extracts and Distillates, Food acid: Citric Acid,

Preservatives: Kalium Sorbate, Natrium Benzoate, Dimethyl Dicarbonate, Colour: Caramel, Stabalizer: Xantaan gum,

VAN SHA does not contain any added sugar and or sweetener. Nor does it contain any artificial flavouring.

VAN SHA is sugar free, low energy, GMO free, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian.

VAN SHA is classified as a non-alcoholic or alcohol free. It may, just like orange juice and any other juice contain trace elements of alcohol (<0.5% ABV) when consumed without mixing or diluting with other non-alcoholic liquids e.g. premium ginger ale, soda waters and or juices. When diluted with ginger ale at the recommended serve levels, the alcohol level is comparable to the level of alcohol found in apple juice and or orange juice.

VAN SHA is 100% FUC allergen free. VAN SHA does not contain any of the 14 allergens EU listed major food allergens. These include; eggs, fish, seeds of groundnut, soybeans, milt, nuts, celery, mustard, cereal including gluten, crustacean, seeds of sesame, sulphur dioxide and sulphites, lupines and mollusc.

VAN SHA is a premium quality distilled non-alcoholic dark spirit. The ingredients used for VAN SHA go through a variety of complex processes such as maceration and distillation before we blend it together with water. Whereas flavoured water is merely infused with flavour and no other complex processing such as extraction, maceration or distillation is used.

VAN SHA can be drink drank neat over ice, mixed with any premium mixer or as part of your cocktail. Our recommended serve is VAN SHA Ginger (see our drinks). As VAN SHA is a dark spirit we also recommend trying it in an old fashioned, or as we call it; not so old fashioned or a dark and stormy. For those of you who love their spirits neat, we are proud to have created a non-alcoholic spirit that can also be drank neat over the rocks.

If you have any concerns about consuming VAN SHA whilst pregnant, we recommend consulting a medical professional.

VAN SHA may contain trace elements of alcohol (<0.5% ABV) when consumed without mixing or diluting. When VAN SHA is mixed and therefor diluted with ginger ale – the recommended mixer with the recommended serve levels, the alcohol level is comparable to the level of alcohol found in apple juice, tomato juice and or orange juice.

We are unable to advise if VAN SHA is safe for consumption with specific medications.

If you have any concerns, we would always recommend consulting a medical professional prior to consumption.

VAN SHA has a best before date of 18 months when unopened. The Best before date is printed on the back label of the bottle

Keep VAN SHA in a cool place out of direct sunlight. VAN SHA does not need to be refrigerated. Once opened, we recommend you consuming your bottle of Van Sha within 3 months.

VAN SHA is suitable for people adhering to the following diets: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose intolerants, and diabetics.

Unknown to many, is that producing a non-alcoholic or alcohol free spirits is in many aspects more complex than producing an alcoholic spirit. All of VAN SHA’s ingredients are separately extracted or macerated and distilled before blending them together and with water. The production requires complex processing, time, expertise and understanding of the delicate nature of spices and other ingredients used. VAN SHA has therefore been accordingly priced.

In the Netherland’s and Belgium VAN SHA is distributed by Alcobrands BV.